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Recipient of An Award in 2016 Reader's Favorites for Baby & Children's Product News!


2016 Market Schedule

JMay 10-12:  ABC Spring Educational Conference & Trade Show, Tampa Convention Center, BOOTH 103 -

June 22-28:  Dallas Total Home & Gift Market, Dallas Market Center, KidsWorld Studio, Floor 8, 8-3401 -

July 14-18:  Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, AmericasMart, Building 3, Floor 3, BOOTH 1704 (New location this time!) -

September 15-18:  Kind + Jugend, Cologne, Germany, North American Pavilion, Aisle F, BOOTH 32b -

October 18-21:  ABC Kids Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, BOOTH to be determined.... -

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15 Innovative Baby Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

"Pello featured on Huffpost Parents! ...."

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Baby essentials guide and giveaway

"There are so many things that you’ll be told you cannot live without when you have kids. From cute clothes to which brand of diaper and so on. Honestly, you know it is 100% up to you what will work best for your family…. but here are a few of MY favorite baby products that are definitely essential to my family, and I bet you will love them too! ...."

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Pello Organic Luxe Floor Pillow - review by

"Pello is an awesome universal floor pillow for kids to lounge on. We've used ours for the baby, toddler, even our preschooler loves hanging out on this circular plushy cushion. This thing gets moved around various rooms daily at our house. Pello is designed by a mom who was looking to create a safe, warm and versatile spot for her kids to play and rest, while still remaining close to wherever she was. The orange dot "Hayden" Pello is made from organic ivory Sherpa fabric and filled with hypo-allergenic polyfill. It combines a floor mat, positioning pillow, and baby gym all in one! ...."

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Morning Sweetness - Review by

"Now that Nolan does a school lesson every morning, I make sure that he has his own space, and I get Harper set up in another room so they are out of each other’s hair for a little while. Harper normally gets a snack and picks out a book to read in her My Pello floor pillow for kids and is content during the time Nolan is working on his lesson.

I really love their playroom; I tried to keep in mind what actually happens in there – lots and lots of messes. So it’s somewhat of a Montessori style room – very minimal so they actually play with the toys they have versus just trashing the space. The My Pello floor pillow doesn’t stay in the playroom all the time. The kids normally pull it out to lounge in if they watch cartoons or feel like laying in it to play with their toys. They even convince the dogs to snuggle with them, and every time, my heart just explodes from the cuteness. ...."

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Review & Giveaway: Meet the Pello! More Than Just a Pillow!

"Meet the Pello designed by a mom who wanted her baby to have a luxurious place to be comfy and promote muscle development and independent play. The Pello is a luxe floor pillow that is much more than the usual pay mats or baby pillows you see on the market. Not only is it huge but its well made and full of comfort. It’s great for floor cuddle’s and a safe place for your child to lay, sit and play. Its even fun for older toddlers to lay on and relax. My kids love it for reading books, watching tv and just relaxing. The designs are adorable and they have one for every taste. ...."

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Christmas Countdown

"A Pello makes a great gift for parents or parents to be. This donut shaped pillow provides a safe space for an infant or a lounging area for a toddler or larger child (and it makes a comfy place for mom to relax too). The Pello is portable and has convenient handles for carrying. It is made of 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly and it is machine washable...."

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Local startup continues to grow; nominated for award

"Avon Lake
By Nicole Hennessy

After she saw a fellow mom put her baby on a pillow rather than a blanket, Cindy Perry got the idea to begin making floor pillows especially for babies.
At first, making the pillows was a hobby. “It kind of blossomed from there,” she said of the idea.
The Pello − shaped like a doughnut − cradles babies. But unlike similar products, it is large enough to grow with kids as they become toddlers.
The product has come a long way from when Perry started making them in her Avon Lake home just three short years ago, in 2012..."

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Vote for local product for 'It' Item of the Year: Short Takes on Avon, Avon Lake and North Ridgeville

"AVON LAKE, Ohio – The "must have" item for new moms, dads and babies has been nominated for the 2015 Earnie Award for "It" Item of the Year. Pello is a patented line of ultra-plush baby floor pillows and is featured in more than 400 boutiques and stores in 37 states and five countries, as well as online at,,,, and

Pello features a distinct, donut-shaped floor pillow with raised edges, ultra-soft plush fabric and soft padded center that benefits a child at all stages of development...."

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for all their needs pello: a floor pillow :: giveaway

"..Most kids love laying on the floor. Whether sitting or laying, they can easily use the floor to play, read books, or sleep. But why not do it in comfort with pello? Pello is a mom invented product that I think your going to fall in love with because I know I have..."

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Pello review by

"..When I had my daughter in January I was debating if I should get a pillow for the baby. I knew that it would only be good for a short time then I would have to go purchase something else as she got bigger. Even though I knew that it would be beneficial, I decided to look for other options. I found My Pello and knew this what exactly what I was looking for. My Pello is great for infant up to young children. This is a play mat, positioning pillow and a baby gym rolled into one luxe floor pillow for kids. Place your child in the middle to learn how to sit up; no matter which way they fall the pillow will protect her head. The shape of the pillow is great for your baby for tummy time. Remember to never leave your child alone while playing in the Pello..."

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Pello - 2015 Top Choice of the Year Award

"The pello luxe floor pillow is unique because it meets a child’s ever-changing needs. Because of its distinctive donut shape, pello provides comfort and support, promotes muscle development, and encourages independent play. "

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New Resource for Parents: BIBB Magazine

"As you know Mommybites is the go-to community for quality parenting resources, support and education so when we met the BIBB Magazine team during the ABC Kids Expo…and then saw their beautiful magazine, we just had to share with you!

Built by entrepreneurs and fueled by a passion for working with baby and kids brands, the Best in Baby Biz (& Kids) Magazine (“BIBB Magazine” for short) features the “a-ha” moments of mom and dad inventors and how they went from idea to mainstream, often times solving common parenting problems.

10. Pello Luxe Floor Pillow" 

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Pello Majestic Luxury Floor Pillow ~ Review

"I recently learned about a company called Pello. Pello was created out of a mom’s need for a safe and stimulating place to place her infant while she worked. When Cindy’s first born was learning to sit up, she surrounded him with pillows. Young John would tip over and bump his head on the floor between the pillows. Cindy took some spare pillows and created a trial Pello. After a few changes, she had her final design. Word got about Cindy’s luxury floor pillow and orders started coming in." Read full article here..

"Pello was designed by a mom to be a multi-use floor pillow, play mat and security blanket. The unique design and materials make Pello a comforting cloud for babies to rest on. The soft center cuddles a baby and the round design becomes the perfect surface for practicing sitting, tummy time, crawling, and lounging. Pello grows with a baby can also be used by older kids as a pillow while watching TV and reading. The convenient handles on either side make Pello easy to carry and it can be enjoyed on any surface. Pello fabrics are durable and washable and the filler is 100% hypo allergenic and flame retardant polyester. It's also made in the USA!"! Read full article here..

"Having 3 children I am always looking for different products to help make things fun for them and easier for me. The Pello Luxe Floor Pillow is THE best new baby item that I have found! We figured out early on that our new baby Parker absolutely loves anything soft, comfy and cuddly. The Pello pillow is an absolute Mom’s best friend. The first time we laid Parker on it she loved it and just kept looking around and was so happy"! Read full article here..

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"My Pello Review on", April 2015. Read full review here..

"My Pello Luxe Floor Pillow Review ", April 2015. Read full review here..

"The pello was featured on Carolina Live on ABC!" Carolina and Company Live, December 2014. Watch full video here..

"The pello was featured on News 12 Arizona's Mom Minute as a top baby gift idea for the holidays!" Arizona Midday, December 2014

"Belly Ballot, your number 1 source for making naming your baby more fun. Belly Ballot features weekly prizes for members and they chose to feature pello!" Belly Ballot, December 2014

"Pillows are the essence of a child's imagination.  Stair sleds and secret forts are made of them, and they are the best for carpet picnics and tea parties.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a pillow that can grow with a newborn, first providing comfort when learning to sit, then acting as rocket fuel for toddlers imagination!"  Giftware News, July 2014, Page 54 & 56.

"The Pello does not have an “expiration” date! Babies outgrow the other baby pillows on the market because it is not recommended to use these pillows/loungers after your baby is over 16 lbs. Pello is unique because it meets your child’s ever-changing needs."  The Giggle Guide, 2014

"The PELLO by Cindy Perry."  Crafted by a Mom by Pish Posh Baby, June 17, 2014

"Cindy Perry as expanded her line of ultra plush baby floor pillows. the pillows are in 250 retailers nationwide and on"  The Lorain Morning Journal, May 26, 14

"pello expands to more than 200 retailers nationwide." Baby & Kids Newsletter, April 14, 2014. 

"pello's unique design can minimize acid reflux discomfort and encourage muscle development as baby crawls in and out."  Baby & Kids Newsletter, February 2014

"The donut shaped pillow is perfect for kids learning to sit up; they have a safe, padded place to land if they topple over."  Baby & Kids Newsletter, January 2014

"I also love that Pello, and its matching blanket, has a cotton weave fabric on one side and a softer, plush fabric on the other.... The designs are beautiful and sophisticated, with a nice selection of both gender-specific and gender-neutral options, making Pello a great addition to any home."  Pregnancy Magazine, January, 2014

"The coolest new baby gear:  Editor's Best of 2013."  Cool Mom Picks, December 31, 2013

"Meet the newest tummy-time floor pillow for babies (then wonder if they make them for adults)." 
Cool Mom Picks, February 19, 2013

"Avon Lake woman's Pello [sic] idea blossoms into business."  Sun News, January 10, 2013

"Avon Lake mother enters baby floor pillow business with Pello [sic]." The Morning Journal, December 23, 2012

"Moms are making their own way as entrepreneurs.  Ranks of 'mompreneurs' grow with realization they can both work and be a parent."   Crain's Cleveland Business, December 17, 2012

"The Pello children's floor pillow.", October 23, 2014