Hello. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much we love our pellos. I took forever to purchase. The thought of spending that much and buying two for our kids sent me into a panic. I'm a stay at home mom so we only have one income. Grandma and grandpa bought them for our kids and I just kept thinking if only we had them sooner. I worried the kids were getting too big. Our son is now 10 months old and our daughter is 3 years. Pello's have so many uses. Our kids love to nap on them and sit and play on them. They aren't too old at all. I even lay on it to play with them or get them to nap. Not only that but our son has prune belly syndrome, the pello has been a helpful tool for him. He uses it as a gym to climb on and strengthen his muscles. He has also been using it for months as a tool to help him push himself to a sitting position. It's really been an excellent tool for him and I am so thankful we made our pello purchase. I'm sorry for the rambling format of my email, I'm sitting with my kids and their pellos and wanted to type a quick note in this busy time of year. I think many times we forget to give these positive reviews for lack of time and all. So thank you so very much for your wonderful and washable (my favorite part) product. We will continue to enjoy our pellos for a very long time! I love the colors and fabrics! Thank you so very much and Merry Christmas!

- Alexandra H.

This was yesterday when we first got our pello! She loves it! Mallory sustained a brachial plexus injury during birth so getting her comfortable and supporting her arms in a way that isn't impacting her negatively has been a struggle since day 1. We are so happy we finally found pello!

- Katie, North Carolina

Hi Cindy and Pello team,
Thank you for such a wonderful product! I'm a first time mom and I wish I had this since day 1. He loves the cozy fabric and smiles every time I lay him down on his Pello. My baby is 15 weeks and happy as a clam.
I will recommend this to all my friends & family!

- Sylvia and baby Jacob, CA

I just wanted you to know how much we are loving our Pello! It comes everywhere with us! I have become the biggest spokeswoman for it and are now buying one for all of our expecting friends. From the lake to the beach, we have brought it! Thanks again

- Jessica I. B., Winston Salem, NC

I received my first pello from a good friend for my first baby last May. She told me it was the best baby accessory ever! 

The design and size are perfect, it cradles the baby’s head perfectly. The pello is easy to wash, air dries quickly, is durable and stays so soft. We have traveled with pello because it can be rolled up and placed in a duffel bag and taken to Grandma’s house or anywhere else you may go. The fabric loops around the pello make this possible for me to attach all of my daughter’s toys.

Now my daughter is 18 months old, and still hasn’t out grown her pello; she lays in it to watch her favorite show or to take an afternoon nap. Since I received my pello I have given 4 of my closest friends a pello, once their babies were born they immediately thanked me for the best baby accessory ever! They tell me how their friends and family think the pello is amazing. I would recommend a pello to every mom and can’t say enough about Cindy Perry. She is an amazing woman and is so patient with expecting moms and friends. Thank you, Cindy!

- Naomi G-F., Florida

The pello is something that I feel like is a must when making out your list of baby necessities!!!!! It offers multiple purposes. We love the fact that it has a center in it, especially for when they are newborns. It provides great support for newborns. We had a friend purchase one for us & have since purchased a pello for several friends. It becomes a favorite once you have experienced the multiple ways you can use it. We love it so much that we actually call it our “Circle of Love”.

Thank you,

Brandi E., Indiana

I received a pello pillow as a gift when my daughter was born.  As a newborn she enjoyed laying and playing in it.  It also worked great for tummy time.  When she started sitting up, I loved placing her in her in the center of the pello because the padded sides protected her head when she toppled over.  As she started crawling, she started crawling over it like an obstacle.  And now that she is a toddler, she still uses her pello to watch TV and read books.  Over the past 2 years, I have ordered pellos as baby gifts for all of my friends with new babies.  I love that it is a unique gift that grows and changes with the baby.  After the recent birth of my son, I knew I had to have a second pello so that he could have his own!

- Cori M., Indiana

To say we love our pello is not enough! Just knowing my little one is safe and comfy gives me peace of mind while taking care of other things in the room with her.

The pello is so portable, that you just pick up baby and pello and go to any room or even outside! Also, the quality of the pello is not only plush but sturdy. You will not find better quality.

- Michelle L., Austin, Texas

This was the best Baptism Gift ever!! I needed something very special for our niece, who has three older sisters.  The traditional “Baptism” gifts just didn’t seem to be special to us. We ordered a pello custom made and it was so adorable! We have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow up in her cozy, comfortable pello! She is now 3 and uses it to read books or just relax and cozy up and watch her favorite show! The durability has been great and it is getting a lot of use.  I wish pello was around when I had my first child!!

- Caroline R., Ohio

I was at a shower for 6 very different mothers-to-be joined together only in circumstance. Each received the standard gifts; a carrier, a bouncy chair, a Diaper Genie and many others. They each also received a pello. Each mom-to-be knew that her pello had been chosen specifically for her. Her colors, her taste, her baby was specially thought about when each fabric was chosen. Every pello is special for every special baby and mom-to-be.

- Maureen S., Ohio

We love our Pello!  It gets used by everyone in the family, not just the baby but, our baby boy has LOVED it since the day he was born.
Thank you Cindy, for coming up with such a great product! I don’t know what we would do  without it!

- Haley S., Ohio


pello is easily transportable from room to room and great for rooms with hardwood floors. Very durable and soft for your baby. Donut design saved us from lots of head bumps when baby was learning to sit up. Darling fabric!

- Emily B., Seattle, Washington

pello is the perfect spot for your baby to rest, play, or do tummy time. It’s soft, well made and has cute fabric choices. Rings and teethers can be attached around the edges. As my son got older and could sit up, he would look at his books and play with toys on his pello. It was a gift from my sister and was used every day!

- Elizabeth D., Portland, Oregon

As an Occupational Therapist with over 19 years experience,  I have found this product to be an invaluable tool for the treatment of pediatric patients.  Whether working on sitting, balance or prone positioning, the pello works well to augment the treatment process.

- John T.,  OTL, Ohio

I need another pello!  Baby Charley loves hers and I want to get one for my niece…  I’d also like the blanket to match.  Chrissy said that the blanket is a MUST. 

- Linda S., Ohio