5 Bedtime Activities to Wind Down Before Bed

Posted by Cindy Perry on 6/14/2016

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From a baby right up through their school age years, children dread going to bed. FOMO kicks in and they just want to stay up and hang. They may fuss around bedtime and try everything in their power to prolong nighty night time. But the truth of the matter is, children need their rest and so do you do. Here are some methods we’ve used to get our little ones to simmer down around bedtime. We hope these will make the process a little easier for you and your kids too!

1. Avoid Eye Contact (less than 1 year)

Babies get very stimulated by human interaction as they discovering so much about socializing. Your loving gaze works them up more than you think. When you stare directly in their eyes, they have a tough time ignoring you. Try to resist holding a gaze and chatting with your little one when it’s time to rest. This will prompt them to fall asleep much faster.

2. Stroke baby’s face (less 1 year)

When you gently stroke an infant’s nose and face when they are sleepy, it expedites the dozing off process. This motion triggers a response that makes babies close their eyes. Repeating this movement over and over almost hypnotizes your baby into a gentle slumber. You can see this method in action in this 42 second video. She’s using a soft tissue to make the motion even cuddlier.

3. Chore time (ages 3+)

Cleaning up before bed is a great way to exhaust anyone. Your child may be reaching for their pillow after a long day of work. Creating this great habit at an early age is excellent for their long term development.

4. Make a gratitude list (ages 3+)

This exercise can be carried with your child all throughout adulthood. A gratitude list can be character building exercise that encourages a positive mindset at an early age. Have your child lay down and name 3 things they are most grateful for. You can start by listing three of your own. This is a superb exercise for the whole family.

5. Create a routine (All ages!)

Kids are quite receptive to repetition when it comes to learning new things. If you develop a routine around bedtime, these habits can be hard to break. Some children will like to hear a story before bed or nibble on a snack. They’ll begin to associate these nighttime activates with going to bed. Going to bed afterward will become second nature for them.

What does your child’s night time routine look like?

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Cindy, a Texas girl, put herself through college working at a children’s library and sewing at night. When she met her husband and had her two boys, she decided to stay home to care for them while designing window treatments and bedding.

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