8 Pool Safety Tips Every Family Should Know

Posted by Cindy Perry on 6/8/2016

pool safety rules for kids

Now that spring is well underway and summer is almost upon us, many of us will be spending some time in the water. That’s great, but we always have to mind our safety rules. Here are some pool safety tips for the summer that every family should know.

1. Keep a fence around your pool – This is a law in many places, but even if it’s not in your area, it’s still a good idea. Your pool should be surrounded by a barrier that’s at least four feet high with a self-closing and self-latching gate (it should swing closed and lock even if you forget).

2. Stay within arm’s reach of all children – Even if you have a great swimmer, an adult should always be present. If you’re in the water with a baby, a second adult should always be present (in case something happens to the person carrying the baby). If you’re in an ocean or lake, everyone should stay close in case a current takes someone.

3. Poor swimmers wear life vests – If your children are learning how to swim, they must wear vests while they’re in the water. They make vests for children now with inflated arm-wrappings so they can still swim and have fun without bulky material.

4. Enforce your rules – Set some basic rules that apply to everyone around pools and water. Make sure to enforce them. If you insist everyone walks around the pool, be stern about it. You may also ask people to not dive, swim with a buddy, and stay away from drain covers, jets, or cleaning devices.

5. Use the “water watcher” strategy – You may think that your kids are safe because there are several adults in the water with them, but in the past this has led to tragedy because everyone assumes someone else is watching the children. Take turns designating someone to keep a direct eye on the children at all times.

6. Learn CPR – Hopefully you never need this skill, but it may help in an emergency. It will also give you some peace of mind while your kids are playing.

7. Clear the pool of toys and equipment after use – Sometimes kids are tempted to reach for their toy that’s aimlessly floating in the pool. Make sure there is nothing floating around that can tempt them. Also remove any ladders or slides from near the pool so children don’t play on them.

8. Consider swimming lessons – No, you don’t need swimming lessons to learn how to swim, but it helps to have your children learn from a professional who will teach proper techniques and safety measures. You may learn a thing or two yourself!

What are some pool safety rules your family has?

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