The Pros and Cons of Daycare vs. Staying Home

Posted by on 8/22/2016

should i send my kids to daycare

After you’ve recovered from giving birth, you may have to decide whether you’ll go back to work. You can put your child in daycare or leave them with a family member. Or maybe you decide to stay home and do all the childcare yourself. If you haven’t decided which path you’ll take, these pros and cons may help.

Sending your child to daycare

The pros

  • Your kids will build social skills. There are so many kids to play with and learn from every day, your child is bound to get a diverse education. This is important for kids nearing school age.
  • Daycares are regulated by the state, so you know these are a safe environment for them. The workers have to be licensed and receive ongoing education. The daycare supervisor is usually someone with a teaching degree or certification.
  • Your kids will have a lot to do. With so many toys, games, crafts, and other kids, your children won’t default to the TV or iPad all day long.

The cons

  • For many people, daycare is simply too expensive. In some places, care could cost $1000 per month pre kid.
  • Depending on the location, getting to and from the daycare might not be convenient.
  • Most daycares have a closing time with big fines if you’re late. They also have serious sick policies and refuse kids if they appear contagious. You might have to leave work to pick up your child if they’re ill.
  • Waking your kid up early so you can make it to daycare before work can be a pain. And then bringing them home just in time to make dinner and get ready for bed can be a drag.
  • Your kids will learn things from other kids that you don’t like, such as spiting, biting, swear words, or ways of treating other people.

Leaving your children at home with your or family

The pros

  • This is super cheap. If they are with you, you spend nothing. If they are with family, you might have pay them something, but nothing like what a daycare charges.
  • You stay in control all the time. You don’t have to ask your children to abide by daycare policies. For example, you don’t have to force your child to potty train earlier than they’re ready just so they can hang out in the correct daycare room.
  • You can dictate the schedule. Since there’s no other kids to accommodate, your child can nap, eat and play on whatever schedule you prefer.
  • There’s no commuting if you stay at home with the child. You’ll also find household chores easier because you’ll manage to get a few things done during the day.

The cons

  • If you stay home with the kid, your family loses that second income. Even if you took a part time job, it won’t earn as much and you’ll lose family time.
  • If you stay home, you’ll never get a sick day. It’s not like you can pawn your child off for a day because you don’t feel well.
  • In some cases, you might have less control if you find it hard to disagree or tell a family member how to treat your child. Differences can cause tension in the family if it’s not handled well.
  • Whoever is alone with the child is alone all day. If something happens to them, the child may be in danger.

Which do you prefer? Daycare or staying home with your child?

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