6 Must Haves for Baby’s Nursery

Posted by Cindy Perry on 10/24/2016
When decorating your baby’s nursery for the first time, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which are the most important items to include when there are so many to choose from! A crib, changing table, lamp, and a rocking chair are nursery staples but there are other unique products out there that may not have crossed your mind. Some of these products will really come in handy when trying to get baby to sleep through the night and others will be a big help for mom and dad to keep the comfortable during those sleepless nights. Here are a couple of must have products to consider for your baby’s nursery:

What to Know About Thumb Sucking

Posted by Cindy Perry on 10/4/2016
For years thumb sucking has had a negative connotation as parents have heard about the bad effects it can have when babies continue to suck their thumbs as older children. Lately however, we have been hearing more about how thumb sucking can actually be beneficial to baby. For the most part, this habit is harmless in small children and it is something that they will grow out of on their own. Here are some interesting things to know about thumb sucking in children: