6 Amazing Playrooms for Kids

Posted by Cindy Perry on 11/28/2014
For a family that’s raising children, a playroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. It’s worth the time, effort and expense to create a truly wonderful space for your kids to play as they grow up. That room should change, too, and become whatever is appropriate for your child’s age and maturity level.

The Benefits of Tummy Time

Posted by Cindy Perry on 11/26/2014

Tummy time is when you let your baby spend time laying on his stomach. Since babies sleep on their backs, it’s important to make tummy time a part of regular play. Some babies aren’t used to the face-down position and protest tummy time. It’s best to start tummy time at birth (by letting baby lay on your chest) so get them used to the experience. Here are the benefits of tummy time.

Multi-Tasking Tips for Work at Home Moms

Posted by Cindy Perry on 11/25/2014
Working from home can be a struggle as a mom, especially when you have multiple kids running around the house to look after. It’s hard to balance getting your work done and getting tasks around the house done at the same time, but us moms somehow manage to get it all done. A lot of it depends on learning how to multi-task and organizing  our schedules to fit everything in. 

6 Tips for Leaving Baby with the Sitter the First Time

Posted by Cindy Perry on 11/23/2014
Trusting your child to another caregiver is never easy, but it’s a necessity. Parents need time away every once in a while so they can recharge their batteries and continue to be good parents. When it’s time to leave your child with the sitter for the first time, there will be anxiety for both of you, but it’s manageable. Here’s how.

10 Ways to Create a Cool Sleepover for Girls

Posted by Cindy Perry on 11/16/2014
A sleepover is a rite of passage for kids. They get to spend an entire night with their friends away from home. It’s a big deal to a lot of kids. If you’re hosting a sleepover for a group of girls, you can make it memorable by following these tips.

8 Ways to Encourage Independent Play

Posted by Cindy Perry on 11/14/2014

Learning to play independently is an important part of growing up. It’s not healthy if your child needs you by his side every waking moment. Here are some ways you can help your child’s development and encourage independent play.