9 Must-Know Strategies for New Parents to Help Your Baby Sleep

Posted by Cindy Perry on 1/28/2016

We tend not to think of sleep as something we have to learn, but babies sure are bad at it! During the first six months, your child needs plenty of sleep, but they can’t do it on their own. As parents, we have to help them sleep in any way we can. Here are some strategies that every new parent must know.

6 Tips for an Easier Time When Diaper Changing

Posted by Cindy Perry on 1/27/2016
When a new child enters the family, one skill that you better learn fast is the art of diaper changing! This is one of the tasks that you will be doing most often for your little one, so it’s best to learn any and all tips to make your life easier. Here are some of our tips to make diaper changing an easier process: 

10 Signs to Teach Your Baby to Improve Communication

Posted by Cindy Perry on 1/25/2016

One of the biggest frustrations of a child is their inability to communicate, even though they are aware of their wants and needs. You can’t rush language development, but you can give your child some tools to “speak” with you. Some people think that teaching sign language delays verbal language skills. There is no scientific evidence for this. However, it’s always best to say the word as you sign it so your child associates the sound with the meaning as well. By teaching your child some basic sign language, you can vastly improve how you two communicate. Use these signs to get started.

20 Ways to Entertain a Super Active Toddler

Posted by Cindy Perry on 1/11/2016

Toddlers are little bundles of energy that never seem to quit. They’re go-go-go from the minute they wake up. If you’re with your kids all day, it can be exhausting! You find yourself longing for nap time and bed time – for yourself! But a bored toddler is even tougher to deal with. They whine and moan and get clingy. The only remedy is to give them something to do. Here’s a big list of ways for you to keep your toddler busy.