The 20 Funniest Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids

Posted by Cindy Perry on 3/14/2016

Being a parent is tough. Sometimes you have to stretch the truth a bit to get everyone to stop asking questions, sit down, and comply. We try to lie as little as possible, but every once in a while you don’t have a choice.

These funny lies come from all over the web, parents I’ve spoken to, and a few I’ve used myself!

6 Ways to Relax After the Kids Go to Bed

Posted by Cindy Perry on 3/10/2016

Being a parent is exhausting. Add working a job (in my case, running a business) on top of that and the days can get loooong. Even though we’re tired, it can be a challenge to get sleep after the kids go to bed. Our brains are in that go-go-go mode and it can’t be switched off so easily. This is the perfect time of the day to get some things done without being distracted, but we also want to get to sleep so those 6 AM wakeups aren’t painful. Here are some ways to help moms fall asleep once the kids have gone to bed.

7 Fun and Easy Ways to Improve Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Posted by Cindy Perry on 3/3/2016

The hands are one of the most important parts of development. A lot of our brain power is devoted to collecting and using information that’s gathered through our hands and fingers. Here are some simple ways you can help kids develop their fine motor skills.

7 Simple Tips to Serve Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

Posted by Cindy Perry on 3/1/2016

While we adults have to resist the temptation to snack, our kids need a quick pick-me-up in between meals to keep them going. Their growing bodies need plenty of energy to keep playing and learning. But not all snacks are equal. Some help their bodies more than others.

Here’s what you can do to get your kids to eat healthy snacks.