8 Ways to Give Your Child Relief from Seasonal Allergies

Posted by Cindy Perry on 4/25/2016

Around this time of year, many people begin to summer from seasonal allergies. The symptoms of seasonal allergies include runny noses, itchy eyes, stuffed nasal cavity, throat clearing, snorting/sniffling, and sneezing. These can make living through the summer uncomfortable, but they’re mostly harmless (unless you hear wheezing, and then it’s time to visit the pediatrician to evaluate potential asthma). But for kids, they can be unbearable. Here are some ways to give your kids some relief. 

9 Ways to Help Your Older Child Adjust to a New Baby

Posted by Cindy Perry on 4/20/2016
When you bring a new baby into the house, there’s always a change in dynamic. This can be tough for siblings who are used to the current arrangement, especially if they’re the only child. Here are some ways you can help your older kid(s) adjust.

Is It Too Soon For Tummy Time?

Posted by Cindy Perry on 4/15/2016
Our floor pillows are used by parents across the globe. We try our absolute best to provide safety tips for our customers but we have very little control over how people use our product behind closed doors. When a celebrity fan used our product for tummy time for her 1 month old, fans went back and forth about when is the right time to start tummy time. We thought it’d be a good idea to address this with our fans!

Teaching Kids Body Positivity

Posted by Cindy Perry on 4/11/2016

Growing up seems a lot more complicated for kids today than it used to be, doesn’t it? They’re influenced by so many things. By the time we realize our kids have a body issue or insecurity, it’s often rooted in their psyche and takes years to change. 

5 Tips for Fast Diaper Changes

Posted by Cindy Perry on 4/5/2016

It’s not like changing a diaper is a lot of work, but after the 1,000th change, it gets a bit old! Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding it, so we have to do what we can to get through those changes as quickly as possible. Here are some tips:

Helping a Shy Child Make Friends

Posted by Cindy Perry on 4/3/2016

Every parent wants their kids to have lots of friends. Healthy relationships make life worth living. But shy kids struggle building those relationships. These tips might help.