5 Ways to Handle Sibling Rivalry

Posted by Cindy Perry on 5/24/2016

Trouble among siblings is just an unavoidable aspect of having more than one child, and learning how to deal with it is an important skill to have. On top of all their parenting duties, moms and dads must also become the referees of their children. As bad as it may get at some points, a rivalry should never be considered an inevitable consequence of having multiple kids. Here’s how you can avoid sibling rivalry:

Preventing and Cleaning Mold Inside Sippy Cups

Posted by Cindy Perry on 5/23/2016

If you’ve got a little kid running around, you most likely have a shelf full of colorful sippy cups. These are a necessity for parents because they give your kid independence without making a mess. Mold in sippy cups is actually a bigger problem than it used to be. This is because sippy cups are more complicated than ever, with more moving parts, straws, valves, balancers, and removable pieces. Every cranny is an opportunity for mold to grow.

The Guidelines to Minimize the Risk of SIDS

Posted by Cindy Perry on 5/20/2016

We aren’t 100% what causes sudden infant death syndrome. With our vast medical knowledge, it’s still a mystery. But with careful study, medical professionals have identified some ways to drastically reduce the risk. Here is everything you can do to reduce the chance.