7 Tips to Deal with Bedwetting During the Night

Posted by Cindy Perry on 6/27/2016

While your child may be embarrassed by his or her bedwetting, it’s actually a common issue. It’s just one of those things that people don’t talk about, so it seems less common than it is. 5 million children occasionally or frequently wet the bed after age six. Most children naturally grow out of the bedwetting phase without any intervention at all, but there are some steps you can take to speed up the process and keep your child dry.

How to Tell If Your Kids Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

Posted by Cindy Perry on 6/16/2016

For many kids, it’s easy to tell when they’re tired. They rub their eyes, yawn, and eventually become fussy. (Hey, even adults become fussy when we’re kept up to long!) For some, however, the signs are more subtle. Here’s how you can tell if your child is getting enough sleep.

5 Bedtime Activities to Wind Down Before Bed

Posted by Cindy Perry on 6/14/2016
From a baby right up through their school age years, children dread going to bed. FOMO kicks in and they just want to stay up and hang. They may fuss around bedtime and try everything in their power to prolong nighty night time. But the truth of the matter is, children need their rest and so do you do. Here are some methods we’ve used to get our little ones to simmer down around bedtime. We hope these will make the process a little easier for you and your kids too! 

8 Pool Safety Tips Every Family Should Know

Posted by Cindy Perry on 6/8/2016
Now that spring is well underway and summer is almost upon us, many of us will be spending some time in the water. That’s great, but we always have to mind our safety rules. Here are some pool safety tips for the summer that every family should know.

6 Reasons Why Sleep is Crucial for Child’s Health

Posted by Cindy Perry on 6/6/2016
Sleep is such an important, and sometimes overlooked, aspect of maintaining the health of an individual. While this is true of all people, sleep is even more crucial to a child who is rapidly growing and developing. At these young ages, there are plenty of reasons why sleep should be a top priority for your child. Here are some of the key reasons: 

Dealing with a Child Who is Afraid of the Dark

Posted by Cindy Perry on 6/2/2016

A fear of the dark is a completely normal phenomenon that many children deal with. Your child has fewer distractions at night, so their fears can quickly creep up on them. Here are some ways you can help your child overcome their fear of the dark.