How to Parent Positively

Posted by Cindy Perry on 7/27/2016

It can be hard to stay positive as a parent. Some days are dawn-to-dusk nonstop. You’re exhausted and your kids won’t behave. Even if you don’t explode in anger often, you may notice a general negativity that’s seeped into your household. Here are some ways to stay positive. 

6 Tips to Prepare Your Child for a New Sibling

Posted by Cindy Perry on 7/22/2016
Breaking the news to your child that they have a new brother or sister on the way can be an interesting experience. While typically, they will be excited about the news, once the new baby arrives things may change. Sibling rivalry is always a possibility with multiple children, and learning how to deal with it is an important skill to have. Here are some tips to prepare for a new sibling: 

7 Important Sun Safety Tips for Families

Posted by Cindy Perry on 7/12/2016

Summer's in full swing, so it’s a good time to talk about sun safety. It’s important for everyone to protect themselves from the sun, but especially babies and children. A sun burn early in life dramatically increases a person’s likelihood of skin cancer. Here are some sun safety tips that every family should keep in mind.

How to Choose a Sleep Consultant for Your Family

Posted by Cindy Perry on 7/6/2016

If you’re having sleep troubles with your child, you might be thinking about calling a sleep consultant. I highly recommend this. It always makes sense to call an expert. But like all professionals, how do you make sure you’ve hired a good one? Here are some questions to ask about your consultant.