Starting Your Own Venture: 3 Ways to Choose Your Business from VentureMom

Posted by Cindy Perry on 8/26/2015
For many people, the decision to start their own business comes easy. They know they want to be their own boss. They know they want the freedom of working for themselves. They know they want to build something that lasts for their families.

5 Ways to Get Your Young Children to Help with Chores

Posted by Cindy Perry on 8/24/2015
Being a family means sharing good times together, but it also means working as a team to get things done and maintain the home. If you wait until your children are older to insist they help out around the house, you’ll be in for a battle. But if you start them off early, they’ll learn to lend a hand without complaint.

7 Easy Ways to Exercise as a Family

Posted by Cindy Perry on 8/19/2015
When you have a family, finding time to exercise can be tough, but it’s still important. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, it’s easy to find fun things to do that don’t require a lot of movement. To keep your kids active, you’ll have to be active right along with them. Here’s an easy list of ways to be active as a family.

8 Tips For Your Teething Baby

Posted by Cindy Perry on 8/17/2015
Teething is always a rough time for both babies and their parents. Luckily, there are tons of great remedies that will help bring your baby some relief; many of which exist in your very own home. We found some helpful teething pain solutions, including simple foods or kitchen items. Try these tips for your teething baby: 

10 Ways to Make Kids’ Birthday Parties FUN

Posted by Cindy Perry on 8/7/2015

When you’re our age, we try to forget birthdays. But when you’re a little kid, they are a big deal! Embrace the fun and make your child’s birthday a memorable experience. Here are some great ideas to make birthday parties FUN.