8 Tips to Ease the Transition to Daycare

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/30/2015
If you’re like most families, your child will spend some time at a daycare facility. As much as we’d all love to stay home with our kids every day, that isn’t practical for most families. The transition, however, is tough for a lot of kids (and their parents too). Here are some tips that might help.

9 Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Cook

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/25/2015
Teaching our kids how to cook is an important part of raising them. After all, one day they will have to prepare food for themselves. Here are some tips.

5 Tips to Raising Independent Kids

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/23/2015
Everyone hopes that their children become independent and responsible in the way they think and behave. There are ways you can encourage independence in your children. Here are a few tips to use in your home that will increase your children’s independence as they grow up.

10 Common Car Seat Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/21/2015
The car seat is one of the essential items you’ll pick up before baby is born. Even though they protect our little ones from danger on the road, many people make the same basic operating mistakes.

How to Start your Baby on Solid Foods

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/21/2015
Your baby has graduated from the newborn stage and is reaching new milestones. The general consensus is that a baby is ready for solid foods by 4-6 months. That three month window leaves room for confusion. There are four questions you can ask yourself to know when is a good time for your infant.