6 Reasons Why Pets are Good for Kids

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/27/2016

Once all the hard work of preparing for a new pet is finished, you’ll be able to enjoy this adorable new addition to the family. In addition to having a cute, lovable animal around all the time, there are plenty of other great aspects that come with it. Here are some of the benefits of getting a family pet for the kids:

The 10 Best Educational iPhone/iPad Apps for Kids

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/20/2016

We all have phones these days. It’s hard to keep them from our kids because they naturally want to know what we’re looking at. Instead of letting them browse YouTube, I recommend throwing some education apps on your phone. That way when they climb into your lap to stare at your device (because let’s face it, you were!), at least they’ll learn something.

Here are some of the best apps for kids’ education.

Must Haves for Family Travel in the Fall

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/18/2016

Fall is one of the best seasons for traveling because the summer tourist season has died down so you can take advantage of the crowd-free areas, lower prices, and cooler weather. Whether you’re traveling close to home or going on a big out-of-country excursion, a family trip always takes some planning, especially when bringing little ones along. If this is your first time traveling with an infant or toddler, you will definitely want to pack some of these amazing products that were made with traveling in mind. These items can really help make your trip a breeze so you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without them! 

6 Fun Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Posted by Cindy Perry on 9/7/2016

Just because summer has ended doesn’t mean that all the fun has to vanish along with it! Fall has officially begun and there’s no better time to enjoy the season’s activities with your family. Autumn provides plenty of events to partake in, places to go, and things to see that will keep the fun rolling for your family even when the weather cools down. Here’s six fun fall activities the whole family will love: