Here are our most frequently asked questions.

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How is pello different from other baby pillows, infant loungers and floor mats?

The pello does not have an “expiration” date! Babies outgrow the other baby pillows on the market because it is not recommended to use these pillows/loungers after your baby is over 16 lbs. pello is unique because it meets your child’s ever-changing needs.

How does pello benefit my child?

The distinctive donut shape, with the raised edges and soft, padded center, has several benefits at all stages of a child’s life:

  1. Babies feel cuddled in the soft center;
  2. Babies with acid reflux experience less discomfort because they are laying at an angle, not flat on a blanket on the floor;
  3. Because your baby will be in a reclined position rather than flat, he or she will have a better view of the world and be more stimulated.
  4. As your baby gets stronger and tries to sit up, his/her head is protected no matter which way they fall. There’s always a safe, soft place to land which makes pello a superb support pillow.
  5. Pediatricians recommend 30 minutes of daily, supervised tummy time. Tummy time is important to strengthen your baby’s neck and body muscles while it also prevents bald spots on the back of the head. The pello is perfect for this exercise. The raised sides of the pello support your baby during tummy time and encourages mobility.
  6. The pello’s raised sides act as an obstacle course when your child begins to crawl. Crawling in and out of the pello is a fascinating game and helps to strengthen all body muscles.
  7. The pocket thrills babies because they can play their own game of peek-a-boo as they put toys or books in and out of the pocket…. over and over again.
  8. With your developing child’s imagination, they can pretend the pello is anything from a doll bed to a dump truck. Additionally, the loops on the sides and the pocket on the top of the pello can be used to attach certain toys so they won’t get lost.
  9. When your child begins to “read” books, play hand-held video games, or even watch TV, the pello will be there to cuddle them.

Is pello safe for my infant?

pello does not recommend placing an infant in the pello unsupervised, nor is pello recommended for sleep. Our warning clearly states: “Never leave an infant in the pello unattended. Infant may roll into an unsafe position causing suffocation… Safe sleep recommendations should always be followed.”

Is pello safe for my baby to sleep on?

No. Do not allow a baby to sleep on the pello. Never place an infant in the pello face down. Never leave a baby unattended in the pello. Adult supervision is required. To avoid serious injury or death, pello warnings must be followed.

Should pello be used as a crib or bed?

No.  pello should never be used as a crib or bed; pello should never be placed in a crib. A baby placed in the pello should always be under the watchful eye of a responsible adult. pello should only be used as a floor pillow to cuddle, comfort, and even stimulate your child.  The pello is not a babysitter.

What age is appropriate for using the pello?

Babies, toddlers, and, heck, even older kids love the pello! Its unique donut design cuddles a baby, minimizes acid reflux discomfort, protects a baby’s head as he or she learns to sit up, encourages muscle development as a baby crawls in and out of the pello, and inspires a creative toddler. In addition, when you child gets older, he or she will use it while they read, have sleepovers, or play video games.

Where do I use my pello?

The small handles allow for easy mobility. pello can be used indoors, outside, on vacation, at play dates or special events. Because the pello is washable, you can use it anywhere you want your baby to feel safe, cuddled and loved. pello is great for playtime, tummy time, anytime!

Is pello washable?

Yes. The pello is totally washable in your washing machine; please use cold water and gentle cycle to maintain color vibrancy and stuffing integrity. The pello can be dried on low heat, or air-dried. We recommend using our round blanket, which fits over the pello perfectly to minimize the need to wash the pello. 

What is pello made of?

pellos are washable and made of 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly. This fabric combination contributes to the pello’s multiple uses and longevity. Our fabrics are baby and child friendly yet fashionable and functional. We use 100% polyester fibers (non-allergenic and flame retardant) to stuff your pello. This creates an extraordinary resilience that maintains its integrity through countless laundering cycles.

Where is pello made?

pello is proudly made in the USA, in a clean and smoke-free environment.  The purchase of any pello product supports the American economy and US jobs. 

Is pello portable?

The two small handles on the side of the pello make it extremely portable! These handles or straps, however, are not intended to be used to carry the weight of a baby or child.

Can I use my pello outside?

pello can be enjoyed anywhere!  Because pello is washable, wherever you go, pello can go!  Grab a round pello blanket and be totally mobile. 

Where can I buy pello if there are no stores close to me?

Please contact us and we will help you find a pello that meet your needs.

When will my child grow out of pello?

pello is good for all ages! Preschoolers and even kids up to the second or third grade love their pellos.  pello is a safe, cuddly place for your child to rest and play. Your pello will become part of your family!

What other baby items can be used with my pello?

Play arches are compatible with the Pello. Simply attach these arches to the loops on the side of the Pello and you have a more comfortable and stimulating baby play gym.

What other products does pello offer?

At this time, pello offers round blankets that fit perfectly over the pello which, while not only being adorable, help to minimize washings.